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MSV.001 - 1954 WORLD CUP - THE FINAL STAGES - official FIFA review
New Edition with added German highlights of the Final. 102 mins

The story of Hungary’s Golden Squad and their domination of the championships were cruelly halted in Switzerland. First an injury to Puskas, then a disallowed goal in the final, put paid to the odds-on favourite. West Germany rode their luck and, with the assistance of the referee who was later disgraced, triumphed. Features Brazil, Italy, England and the other leading teams at work and play. The extra footage of the final carries German commentary and was not in the original FIFA review.

MSV.002 - 1967 Home International at Wembley. 48 mins

Only a year after taking the World Cup, Ramsey’s champions were put to the sword by a passionate Scottish side. Lennox, Wallace and a powerful Scots midfield powered them to a famous victory. Even with Gordon Banks making one of his sensational saves from Denis Law, England suffered a close, but famous defeat.

MSV.003 - 1963 The Centenary International at Wembley. 92 mins

To celebrate 100 years of football, the F.A. staged an exhibition match featuring the world’s greatest players. Even against subs like Puskas, England claimed a famous victory. ENGLAND: Banks; Armfield, Wilson; Milne, Norman, Moore; Paine, Greaves, Smith, Eastham, Charlton. R.O.W.: Yashin; Santos, Schellinger; Pluskal, Popshar, Masopust; Kopa, Law, Di Stefano, Eusebio, Gento.

MSV.004 - 1966 World Cup Final at Wembley. 128 mins
ENGLAND 4 v WEST GERMANY 2 (after extra time)

Ramsey dropped Jimmy Greaves, shocked the nation and won the cup. The ‘wingless wonders’ with their new tactics and style of play were able to contain the German midfield and create enough chances to snatch a late victory. Outstanding play and industry from the entire team gave Geoff Hurst the chance to take the world-beating hat-trick that propelled England to their greatest footballing success.

MSV.005 - 1968 European Cup Final at Wembley. 118 mins
MANCHESTER UNITED 4 v BENFICA 1 (after extra time)

After 90 minutes it was all square at 1-1. In extra time, George was at his audacious Best and he and Johnny Aston guided United to a famous victory. All of the extra time - all of the goals. MAN UTD: Stepney; Brennan, Foulkes, Sadler, Dunne; Crerand, Charlton, Stiles; Best, Kidd, Aston.

MSV.006 - 1960 European Cup Final at Hampden Park. 100 mins

Described by Shankly as ‘the greatest match ever’, this was a footballing exhibition that is still used today to demonstrate to International teams how all of the skills and essentials of the beautiful game should be combined. It had everything. The link-up play between Gento, Puskas and Di Stefano has to be seen to be believed. Puskas showed why he was the greatest player in the history of the game by blasting in four goals. The other three from Di Stefano show why he is ranked even above Pele by anyone who saw him play. The record crowd of 127,621 watched a match that will live forever in football folklore.

MSV.007 - 1963 F.A. Cup Final at Wembley. 107 mins

The cup went to Old Trafford, thanks to another superb performance from Denis Law, revelling in his return to English football from Torino. A double from David Herd and some solid United defence clinched the game. Man Utd: Gaskell; Dunne, Cantwell; Crerand, Foulkes, Setters; Giles, Quixall, Herd, Law, Charlton. Leicester: Banks; Sjoberg, Norman; McLintock, King, Appleton; Riley, Cross, Keyworth, Gibson, Stringfellow.

MSV.008 - 1966 World Cup Quarter-Final at Goodison Park. 100 mins

The diminutive North Koreans provided one of the shocks of the 1966 World Cup Finals in England by marching into the last eight. It earned the Asian outsiders a meeting with highly-fancied Portugal. The opening 25 minutes was astounding as they completely outplayed Portugal to take a substantial lead. A four-goal reply from the magical Eusebio steered his team through an absorbing and exciting game that is still the talk of Merseyside today, and also one of the most memorable games in World Cup history.

MSV.009 - 1967 European Cup Final at Estadio Nacional, Lisbon. 98 mins

Celtic’s ‘Lisbon Lions’, roared on by 12,000 travelling fans, conquered Helenio Herrera’s defensive catennaccio system to be the first British team to smash the Latin monopoly on Europe’s most coveted prize. They took their place in history when Chalmers winning goal became their 200th in a glory-packed season spanning 64 games. At the final whistle Bill Shankly told Jock Stein “Now you’re immortal.” Celtic: Simpson; Craig, McNeill, Clark, Gemmell; Murdoch, Auld; Johnstone, Wallace, Chalmers, Lennox.

MSV.010 - 1969 Home International Match at Wembley. 106 mins

On Saturday, May 10th, an England side, slick and in-tune, mauled the cream of Scottish football talent. Alan Ball’s ceaseless chasing helped Peters and Hurst to bag a brace apiece. A groggy Scotland could only reply through Stein, and England got sweet revenge for their 3-2 defeat two years earlier.

MSV.011 - 1953 THE MATCH OF THE CENTURY at Wembley. 88 mins

On a foggy Saturday, in November 1953, an all-conquering England side welcomed to Wembley the Hungarian visitors. Their 12-man squad had travelled for days by train and coach. What happened when they took the field was a new style of football - total football - interchangeable positions and ball play never seen before at any level. Guided by the unstoppable Ferenc Puskas and midfielder Josef Bozsik, they tore England to pieces in a display of pace and skill that left the home defence hacking like amateurs at thin air. “I tackled thin air, Puskas completely hoodwinked me. In all my 105 England games I did not see a better executed goal.” Billy Wright. “We felt 10 feet tall - we had given the old masters a lesson” Ferenc Puskas.

MSV.012 - 1966 World Cup Finals - Group 1 at Goodison Park. 90 mins

Tostao replaced Pele with distinction, but the Hungarian successors of the ‘Golden Squad’ showed how to create the greatest effect from the least effort. Florian Albert, socks around his ankles, ran the match, and Bene was the explosive power that harried Brazil to their first defeat since 1954 - and by the same country. Described by the Press ‘one of the most vivid matches of all time’ and enjoyed by a large Goodison crowd.

MSV.013 - 1965-1992 The Very Best of LIVERPOOL F.C. 55 mins

Features highlights from 27 years at the top. The film starts with Yeats, Hunt, St. John and their first F.A. Cup in 1965 under Bill Shankly. Keegan, Toshack, Rush, Dalglish and Barnes are all featured right up to the F.A. Cup in 1992, Liverpool centenary year. It also features two F.A. Cup Final victories over Everton.

MSV.014 - 1966-1989 The Very Best of EVERTON F.C. 60 mins

Features highlights from the Alex Young era and the great 1966 F.A. Cup triumph, with Kendall, Labone and Temple. Southall, Gray and Lineker are also featured as the footage includes the 1984 Cup win, action from the 1985 and 1987 title campaigns, and the road to Wembley in 1989.

MSV.015 - 1995 - THE LAST NIGHT OF THE KOP. 65 mins

A celebration staged at Anfield, in words and music, to the most famous supporters in the game. The mighty Anfield roar, the singing of Shankly’s Choir, and the irreverent humour is all put into perspective by the heroes they celebrated. To mourn the change to all seated stadia, the Liverpool faithful staged a concert to show what the atmosphere of an all-standing Kop had meant to Liverpool F.C. over all those years. The concert features the great players, Gerry Marsden, and Brookside stars, as well as The Merseybeats, The Searchers, Stan Boardman, The Farm and the The Christians. This is an excellent high-quality film, a best-seller put together by Phil Redmond, the renowned TV producer.

MSV.016 - 1998 MICHAEL OWEN - The World At His Feet. 52 mins

The player now ranked above Beckham, Ronaldo and all others burst on the international scene at the tender age of 18. His courage, confidence and his sure touch were first seen at Euro ‘98, and but for a Beckham foul, he may have lead England to a famous triumph. As it was they went close, as his spectacular goal against Argentina demonstrated. This first film about the young Michael Owen shows what a mature and level-headed player he is, and is an indication of what he was to achieve.

MSV.017 - 1958 WORLD CUP - The Final Stages in Sweden

The 1958 series was notable for the arrival of Pele and for Brazil’s first cup. England, suffering the after-effects of the 1957 Munich air crash, failed to get to the quarter-finals. France, Yugoslavia and Germany got through to the final 8 with Northern Ireland and Wales. The Welsh team beat Hungary 2-1 in a play-off and met Brazil. The final produced a spectacular match between the hosts and the South Americans. Brazil triumphed 5-2, including two from Pele, who was carried shoulder-high around the stadium.

MSV.018 - 1962 WORLD CUP - The Final Stages in Chile

Brazil retained the cup, even though they lost Pele with a torn thigh muscle. The highlight of the finals was Brazil v Spain, with Ferenc Puskas now leading the Spaniards, who were narrowly beaten. Chile beat Italy in the infamous Battle of Santiago, but were overwhelmed in their semi-final by Garrincha who netted two of Brazil’s four goals. The final against Czechoslovakia saw the visitors take an early lead. Amarildo, who equalised and set up the winner for Zito, was hailed as the star of the tournament.

MSV.019 - 1970 WORLD CUP - The Final Stages in Mexico

Holders England were expected to mount a strong challenge to retain the Jules Rimet trophy, and many of the 1966 squad were selected including Moore and the Charlton brothers. A monumental quarter-final against West Germany went to extra time again. This time the Germans squeezed through by the narrowest of margins. Italy also had to face the same opponents, and again in extra time, managed to win 4-3. Pele, Jairzinho, and the entire Brazilian side excelled in the final as they outclassed Italy 4-1.

MSV.020 - 1968 EVERTON F.C. - THE GOLDEN VISION. 77 mins RELEASED 2003

This tremendous BBC TV documentary focusses on the hugely-successful Alex Young team of the 1960s. It follows a family of avid Evertonians who put the club’s fortunes before work, family and everything else. This kitchen-sink drama/ documentary by Ken Loach is full of humour and features an all-star Merseyside cast including Ken Jones (from Porridge), Bill Dean (Harry Cross from Brookside), Joey Kaye, Johnny Gee and many local comedians and entertainers in their first acting roles. Written by Neville Smith, it also features the star players and the Everton hierarchy including the late Harry Catterick and John Moores. This exclusive release is revered as one of the finest BBC documentary films ever made.

MSV.227 - 1953 - THE 3-6 SPECIAL. 42 mins
The Hungarian Footage of the Wembley Game ENGLAND 3 v HUNGARY 6

This unique film features the Hungarian highlights of this great game. These are of far higher quality than the English film, since the Hungarian cameramen set up on the touchlines, much nearer to the action than their English colleagues. The foggy conditions affected the filming far less and the main events can be seen quite clearly. Because of this, we have been able to show slow motion replays of the goals for the first time. The film also follows the entire squad (all 12 of them) as they manhandle their luggage onto the Budapest train en route to England via Paris. They are feted at the Renault factory and play the works team, winning 18-0 !!! Travelling by bus to London, they see the sights of the city and train at Fulham’s Craven Cottage. The English side are also shown in training. At kick-off time, all work in Hungary stops as huge crowds gather in the streets to listen to loudspeaker commentary relayed from Wembley. The match itself is played at a tremendous pace, refuting suggestions that players from the 50s would never have kept up with the speed of the modern game. After the match the squad are shown celebrating in the dressing room and returning to a civic reception in Budapest. The Hungarian commentary by Gyorgy Szepesi was translated by Valeria Toth with Dr Rogan Taylor, the head of Liverpool University’s fooball faculty, acting as script advisor. The outstanding English commentary is by Jed Stone, who identifies all of the action and players in detail. The producer is Mal Jefferson.

MSV.421 - 1997 SHANKS FOR THE MEMORY. 50 mins
John Keith’s Tribute to the talent and humour of Bill Shankly

Recorded at Anfield’s Bill Shankly Suite, in front of the International Supporters Club, John Keith, journalist and broadcaster, tells the definitive Shankly stories. The bravado, the comic quips, the great events of his career covering the years from1959 to 1974 are expertly captured by a man who knew him well. With a strong emphasis on humour, proceedings are continued at Southport’s Prince of Wales Hotel where John also includes more general footballing humour and radio out-takes. There is also a look around Anfield - the ground, the superstore and the enormous trophy cabinets. Also featured are Lee Brennan singing ‘The Shanks’ and Gary Driscoll singing the title song ‘Shanks For The Memory’.

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